Holiday Prep Termite Inspection Checklist

During winters, the outdoors get colder and that’s kind of intolerable for pests living outdoors. And, that’s the reason during winters they infest the home more during winters. But, luckily there are lots of things you can do for the termite inspection. In this article, we will be sharing something to add to the checklist of pest inspection and make your holidays prepared.

Termite Inspection
Termite Inspection

Pay attention to the greenery

Pests like to get their way into your home by hopping on the items that bring in from outdoors. So, a thorough termite inspection is necessary before taking any items inside your home. If anytime you take a green plant or tree branches inside your home, inspect it first. For decorations, if you are taking items in the boxes inside your home, then make sure that you check them thoroughly.

Clean up

If you don’t keep your home clean, then, it is a clear invitation for pests to enter. You should keep cleaning your home, especially clean leftover food items because they are the major attraction for pests. The more messy your home will be the more it will attract pests like termites to infest. If your home is already infested by termites, then, call the experts for a termites inspection and start taking necessary pest preventions:

  • Always keep your countertops clean and scrubbed to make sure that no food crumbs or smells are leftover. It will help you to keep your home clean as well as less appealing.
  • Termites need damp or moist to survive. So, you should always ensure that no pipe is leaking inside your home. And, also make sure that water is not contaminated in your home or in your surroundings.
  • The growth of bushes can also provide shelter to termites. Do a termites inspection and clean all the grown bushes and shrubs.
  • The summer season is best for termite growth whereas in winter their reproduction slows down. But, generally, they don’t get affected by termites. So keep doing termites inspection in your home.

Termites invasion is a common problem, but you should not take it lightly at any cost. Keep in mind, that if you want to keep termites away, then, you have to be very active and prepared for the termite inspection. You can also take the help of expert termite control. They will help you to prepare for termites by doing a termites inspection. If they found an infestation, then, they will treat it securely with their expert tools and pest solutions.

Follow preventive measures and maintain the routine of termite inspection. We can assure you by following the above things you will be able to keep your property safe from termites not only during the holiday but all the time. Being a homeowner, maintaining your home is your first responsibility and you should never lack it. If you will lack anywhere in taking care of your home, then, in no time pests like termites will take over your home and start damaging it. Ultimately you will be left with the option of calling experts for the termite control near me.


So, these are some of the things that you need to add to your checklist of termites inspection to make your home holiday prepared. Make sure you follow the above tips properly and take care of your property.

A Small Guide for Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

There are nearly 12,000 species of ants that are known. Some are very harmful whereas others are not. They will appear in warmer seasons in the indoor and outdoor of your home. Carpenter ants are also one of ants and possess a destructive nature. They can damage your furniture and home.

They are not able to consume food like the termites, but they will chew and defecate the food so that they can easily make a way for themselves and their friends and family. If you are finding piles of some particles that look like wood shavings, then there are carpenter ants around you so you should go for General Pest eliminate service

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

There are various important things to know about carpenter ants including the methods of getting rid of them with pest control :

1. How to identify carpenter ants?

The length of carpenter ants is about six to twelve millimetres. Another important feature that differentiates it from other ants is its waist. Carpenter ants have only one waist. Their thoraxes are also round in shape. They are red or black. They ate not able to fly but to build new colonies some mature flying ants can fly. The big difference between ants and termites is that their wings are different from termites. Their wings are yellowish while termites have white wings.

2. Do they bite?

Yes but this can only happen under some specific situations. They will not dangerously bite you and will not transmit any disease too. It will feel just like a pinch to you when they will bite you, but you will feel itchiness and swelling after the bite. They bite humans in self-defence. If you will try to attack them then also they may bite you. if you are getting close to their nests, then also they may chew you.

3. Signs of carpenter ant

Large black or red ants come out from the walls, ceilings, and cracks. There are some specific signs of carpenter ant presence on your homes such as if you find wood shavings under the baseboards and window sills, the rustling noises inside your woodwork or walls.

Best remedies to eliminate carpenter ants

  • Set some lure

Mix sugar(jam, jelly, etc.) with baking soda, and keep this in a deep container. Carpenter ants will feel attracted to the sugar, but they will be naturally killed by baking soda.

  • Destroy the scent

Carpenter ants follow a phenomenon to find food. They leave trails on the surfaces so that other ants can easily approach the food, you should clean the surface with orange, cedarwood, lemon, etc. you can also mix dish soap and water. Spray it on the surface. Combining water and vinegar can also kill ants.

  • Damaging the nest

After finding the nest you must destroy it. You can drill 1/8” holes every six inches in the area where you have to find the nest. Fill the holes with boric acid. It will naturally kill the ants. You can also repeat the process if required.

You can choose us as an ant controller to grow our business by providing you with excellent service. We believe in a consultative and holistic approach to your spider and ant spray/ control. we learn about your short-term and long-term problems, your past experiences, and will provide you with the solutions. Once we understand your issues, our Pest Control Ferntree Gully team will purpose a plan and will guide you to implement the plan for the successful removal of pests. We are always accessible to offer you the best advice and service.